Who we are

We are one of the leading telecommunications networks in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region, specializing in professional services for the wholesale market, on which we have been present since 2006. Currently we manage almost 600,000 subscriber numbers which monthly generate over 180,000,000 minutes through nearly 500 independent domestic and foreign interconnect exchanges.

What makes us different

At the core of our business are professionalism, stability and confidence which – combined with skilled staff and a wide range of products and solutions – guarantee the highest quality of services. LoVo is also an innovative company, focused not only on telecommunications, but also on developing other IT solutions, such as business processes management (BPM).

As part of the international telecommunication transit network, we are the only company in Poland with an infrastructure that allows efficient termination of calls to all Polish operators. In addition, our network offers High Definition international calls.

LoVo is not only about calls terminating in Central Europe. By actively cooperating with many partners around the world, we are also able to manage calls to all popular directions, including the Middle and Far East, Africa and all of Europe.

Why to cooperate with us

The LoVo team consists of professionals that have been operating on the international traffic transit market for over 10 years.

During this time, our company has grown many times over and become one of the leaders on the Polish market. We pay special attention to the security of our solutions and to high-quality customer service. Our pricing of international traffic transit also stands out. Thanks to agreements with our international partners, we are able to provide not only connections with the majority of the world’s countries, but also offer preferential rates for popular directions.

LoVo will be the only telecom network representing the Polish market on the Africa 2016 GCCM – Cape Town conference. Do you want to talk with us? The representative of LoVo in Cape Town is Krzysztof Kornacki whom you can contact by e-mail: krzysztof.kornacki@lovo.pl or by phone: 48697010227