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Together with the dynamically growing telecommunications market and increasingly high expectations of end consumers, both private and corporate, we are facing new challenges on the path to ensure the best possible quality of services provided. The present reality of our industry is also changing very dynamically as a result of the digital revolution that takes place in front of us.

The answer to the above challenges consists primarily in innovativeness, transparency and being open towards partners. These values have been accompanying the LoVo company from the very beginning of its activity in 2003. Being one of the regional leaders in the Central and Eastern Europe region, we take advantage of our experience in collaboration with partners from all around the world in order to continuously develop our portfolio of services provided. The circle of our partners includes over 100 operators from 40 countries.

Among the solutions that we have been focusing on recently and which build our strong regional position and the credibility of a trustworthy partner there are, first of all, the A number verification system that prevent abuse events when establishing the Mobile Termination Rates and creation of appropriate structure for near-immediate determination of dedicated routing for the operators. Both the systems described have been implemented in our company as the answer to problems troubling the operators who are active on the wholesale market.

Moreover, during our everyday work we remember how extremely important it is to approach people with friendliness and be flexible when it comes to collaboration. An example of our policy within that scope is the flexible settlement system that we adjust individually to each of our partners – both when it comes to choosing the currency and the accounting period. We are proud of the team that we managed to assemble at our Warsaw office. We realize the importance of credibility and high customer service quality when it comes to collaborating on the wholesale market and that is why the employees of LoVo are not only experienced full-fledged professionals, but also very outgoing people who are open towards others. The representatives of LoVo are also active participants of international telecommunication conferences, thanks to which our company keeps track of the most recent trends in our dynamically changing line of business.

Thanks to our active collaboration with many partners around the world we are able to offer within the framework of our services also the connections with operators in all the most popular directions, including Middle and Far East, Africa and the whole Europe. The activity in the field of market transit service provision on the wholesale market is only a part of LoVo’s business. We are an operator that provides VoIP services to over 800 000 subscribers. Our subscribers generate traffic of over 180 million minutes a month through nearly 600 independent domestic and foreign interconnections.

Additionally, our dynamically developing R&D department prides itself on creating a comprehensive Business Process Management system (BPM LoVo), which is currently being used by the majority of local telecommunications operators, among others. We also offer a wide range of other telecommunications services on the Polish market, such as virtual switches and fixed telephony employing the GSM infrastructure and we are provider of safe IP interconnects (IP-SEC, VPN). What’s more, we are in the process of the implementation of the offer for Mobile Network Operators, which is based on the IPX standard.

LoVo will represent Poland on the GCCM Europe 2017 conference in London. Would you like to talk to us? You can contact us by e-mail or phone.


Krzysztof Kornacki
Board Member
Mobile: +48 697 01 02 27
Phone: +48 22 255 30 33
e-mail: krzysztof.kornacki@lovo.pl

Bartłomiej Szkóp
Senior Carrier Relations Manager
Mobile: +48 730 55 30 34
Phone: +48 22 255 30 34
e-mail: bartlomiej.szkop@lovo.pl

Joanna Chmielińska-Nowicka
Business Development Manager
Mobile: +48 730 55 30 58
Phone: +48 22 255 30 29
e-mail: joanna.chmielinska-nowicka@lovo.pl

Anna Siejka
Carrier Relations Manager
Mobile: +48 730 55 30 31
Phone: +48 22 255 30 31
e-mail: anna.siejka@lovo.pl